San Diego Siren
Currently living and studying in San Diego, this blog was created to aid my fellow collegiate comrades, as well as any adventurous souls, in fully capturing the unique experience of life in this seaside city. I am a native southern Californian with a lust for adventure and experiences. As the San Diego Siren, I will catalog my experiences in order for those living or visiting the area to make the most of their experience here.
  1. The Best Taco Tuesday (and Wednesday):  World Famous, Pacific Beach.  

    Why it’s the best: 

    Tuesdays: $1.25 shrimp taco special (with purchase of beverage, can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic).  

    Wednesdays: $1.25 lobster taco special (with purchase of beverage, can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic).

    Stunning ocean-views, literally steps away from the sand.  Located in the heart of PB, close to bars and shopping. Tacos are big (not “street” taco sized)!  fast service. delish margaritas.

    SD siren says: if you have room, order the mud pie for dessert! big enough to share!

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    This place was delicious!
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    The second I landed in San Diego for the first time my best friend took me here for lunch for fish tacos
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    I’ve done it and it’s totally worth it!
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    I want Lobster Taco… and alcohol… @_@
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